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    With 25% fee off for girl’s education, SJJTU is committed to bring change
    to society using innovative Master’s program, Under graduation program,
    Vocational Courses, Training programs and Certification courses.
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    Think Ph.D. Join JJTU
    We believe that innovation in society can happen only through
    Research, SJJTU is relentlessly seeking for innovation,
    we provide world class environment do research
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    100s of Vocation courses, Certifications & Training programs,
    SJJTU is committed to improve skills and provides right
    platform for entrepreneur friendly society
News & Events
  • चुडैला में पुलिस चौकी का उद्घाटन
  • मुंबई राजस्थानी सेवा संघ ट्रस्ट ने झुंझुनू पुलिस के साथ मिलकर किया ये काम, 25 गांव को होगा फायदा Read more...
  • हिंदी की स्तरीय पत्रिकाएं बंद होने के कगार पर-डॉ विनोद टीबड़ेवाला Read more...
  • हिंदी की स्तरीय पत्रिकाएं बंद होने के कगार पर हैं यह चिंतनीय है।” – डॉ विनोद टीबड़ेवाला Read more...
  • जे जे टी विश्वविद्यालयके चेयरमैन डॉ विनोद टीबड़ेवाला ने गुरु शिष्य परंपरा के महत्व पर प्रकाश डाला Read more...

Programs Offered By Shri JJT University

Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

We believe in innovation and the way you get innovation is RESEARCH, SJJTU provide right environment to do research. Think Ph.D. Join JJTU

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Post Graduate

Elevate your career with our tailor-made post-graduation program

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Under Graduate

Set your career in right path with JJUT’s Under Graduation Program.

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Join Diploma Courses from SJJTU, we have had success rate of 100% in placement.

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Certificate Courses

Perfect symphony between Learning and Earning with SJJTU’s Certification Courses

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Vocational Course

Fill the gap between theoretical & practical knowledge with SJJTU’s Vocational Courses

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Training Program

Make your skill an Asset for you, join our personalised Training Program

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