Social Activities

The jjt Unversity as per there curricula has taken care of local Regional,National and International development Programme. The details are as follows:

Local Relevance:

The university recognizes that addressing the specific needs of the local community is crucial for sustainable development. The curricula are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the local population, including poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation. Special emphasis is placed on incorporating subjects such as rural development, developing allied revenue generation for farmers, local governance,promoting Defense training and entrepreneurship that empowers students to actively contribute to the betterment of their communities. The University has undertaken various programs such as:

  • Teaching the art of making oil from groundnuts, soya, mustard seeds, etc., to the farmers so that, they can earn extra income.
  • Teaching the art of growing Ajola Grass, mushroom and aloevera to the locals for earning extra income.
  • Teaching the art of Bee Keeping, preparing soya milk etc. is also taught to Locals.
  • Promoting army and defense employment by offering our infrastructure for recruitment process.
  • 21 villages are adopted under “UNNAT BHARAT ABHAYAN” to promote rural development.
  • Thousands of Calendars, Posters were distributed for ‘Nasha Mukti’ Drug Awareness Program.
  • Banners were put of Local –Lok Adalat which helped in publicity
  • Soil testing lab is launched to help farmers understand what crops can be cultivated to get maximum returns.
  • Under “BETI BACHAO – BETI PADHAO” campaign 50% scholarship is given to girl students to enroll in our university, moreover, upto 85% concession is given to meritorious girl students.
  • “VED VIDYALAYA” is established to teach “VEDA” chanting and learn the VEDIC way of living to promote Indian knowledge system.
  • Earn and learn schemes are introduced for needy students.
  • Various activities revolving round water conservation, solar energy, saving environment, etc., are introduced for the locals.
  • Several medical camps are organized to enhance health of the locals.
  • Free dialysis arrangement was done at our RLJT Hospital.
  • More than 50000 Tree Saplings were planted in and around Jhunjhunu.
  • Rupees 5000/- cash was given at the birth of girl child in our hospital.
  • Building of garden & police chowki is undertaken by the university team.
  • Due to the visits of students from various parts of India and Abroad, tourism has been promoted. It has also enhanced trade of artisans and local goods.

Due to the above measures, Jhunjhunu has become a well known place in the education world. Prices of land has shot up due to the development of infrastructure, visiting of important visitors like various Governors, film personalities, educationist, sports celebrities, etc., has promoted the growth of Jhunjhunu.

Furthermore, the university actively collaborates with local stakeholders, including government bodies, non-profit organizations, and local industries, to ensure the alignment of educational programs with the real-world needs of the region. This collaborative approach ensures graduates possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to tackle local issues effectively. “International Green University Award” was bestowed on us for our Outstanding Contribution towards fostering a culture of environmental responsibility & accountabilityconducted at 7 NYC Green School Conference organised by Cornell University, Newyork.

Regional Relevance:

Recognizing the interconnectedness of neighboring regions, the university also focuses on addressing the regional development needs. Curricula are designed to promote regional cooperation, cultural understanding, and integration. Courses related to regional collaboration, cross-border trade, and diplomacy enable students to engage in the regional context, fostering regional integration and stability.

To promote regional development the university has undertaken the following programs:-

  • For cultural & enhancing moral values, we have contributed for renovation & beautification of various temples in and around Jhunjhunu District.
  • Talks & kathas organized by leading orators and saints like Pujya Devkinandanji  Thakur, Maa Rithumbra Devi, Ramdev Baba, etc., have inspired the public and enhanced moral values, religious beliefs, Sanatan Dharma, Yoga and overall wellbeing of the public.
  • Free eye camp was organized to conduct cataract operations and also free spectacles were distributed. More than 2500’s have availed the benefit.
  • Blood donation camps are organized regularly.
  • Gopal Gaushala (cowshed) was constructed at Jhunjhunu.
  • Regular kavi sammelans are organized to enhance Hindi language and literature at Kisan mela, Shekawati Hastshilp Parvesh Mela organised by Zilla Parishad, Jhunjhunu.
  • Exhibitions are organized of paintings to promote art & culture.
  • An all India Conference was organised on journalism, renowned Journalists were invited from various parts of country.
  • Mahila Divas, Family Planning programs were organised by CHMO, Jhunjhunu & A Nano Car & several other prizes was also gifted.


Moreover, the university offers programs that address regional challenges such as water scarcity, desertification, and sustainable agriculture. This prepares students to contribute to regional development by implementing innovative technologies and practices aimed at mitigating environmental and socio-economic challenges.

National Relevance:

Our University has played an important role for Nation building to name a few activities:

  • Hundreds of National Seminar & workshops were organised in different states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on important subjects like environment, research, NEP, Skill Development, Innovations etc.
  • Students were trained to appear for ‘Agniveer’ exams & serve our motherland. 7 students were successful and are pursuing further studies.
  • Research journals are published through our journals namely Centum, Au Fait, Spark & Rex to spread knowledge about new findings, thoughts etc.
  • Visits of celebrities, Governors of different states & awarding the degree of honorary D.litt has enhanced the work of our University.
  • Various patents are registered by our Scholars & also Books are pulished.

International Relevance:

To prepare students for the globalized world, the university offers curricula that are globally relevant and aligned with international development priorities. Global challenges such as climate change, human rights, and poverty reduction are integrated into the curriculum to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of international issues.

The university emphasizes international collaborations and exchange programs to expose students to diverse perspectives and environments. These opportunities enable students to develop cross-cultural competencies, fostering global citizenship and preparing them for careers in international development organizations or multinational corporations.

Various activities have further enhanced our presence in the International scenario;

  • Hundreds of International Conferences & conclaves are organised. Eminent Speakers from various countries are invited to speak on various themes of International interest.
  • Multicon Mega Medical Multispecialty Conference was organised at the campus of our university to stimulate new ideas for healthcare industry including service provider, advance treatment, latest procedure that will be beneficial to the healthcare industry. Surgeries like face transformation Plastic surgery, Artificial Cornea Transplant & Robotic hair transplant were performed by world renowned Doctors in our hospital.
  • Dr. David P. Kalin MD, MPH - IBM chairman Emeritus, Dr. Pradosh Panigrahi, Dr. Sam Lingam Medical Education Director of  WHO & Dr. Sudha Padmanabhan were on the executive board.
  • Various MoU’s were signed with University of Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal & Dubai.
  • Students from more than 20 countries have pursued their P.hD in our University.
  • Our students have participated in International sports at Asian games, China & won prizes in Taekwondo, Archery, Wrestling & speed skating relay etc.

Implementation Strategies:

The university ensures the effective implementation of relevant curricula through various strategies:

  1. Faculty Excellence: The university recruits experienced faculty members with expertise in local, regional, and international development areas. Faculty development programs are conducted to enhance their instructional techniques and keep them updated with the latest research and trends.
  1. Interactive Learning: Active learning methods, such as case studies, group discussions, and real-life projects, are employed to make the curriculum more engaging and practical. This stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset among students.
  1. Field-Based Learning: The University organizes field trips, internships, and practical training in collaboration with local organizations.  The University has adopted 16 villages to enable the students to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, deepening their understanding and building practical skills.