About Radio JJT 90.4 MHz

About Radio JJT 90.4 MHz

Shri JJT University which along with social work also established new heights in the field of education which educated as well as created a socially aware society. In this series, we started Radio JJT 90.4 MHz and catered to the needs of local people. Along with entertainment; many programs are broadcasted to educate and aware people. Suprabhat Rajsthan, Gane Purane, Local bhajans, Rajsthani Lok Geet, Nari- Ek Shakti, Aapno  Kheti, Swasth Aapka- Khayal Hamara, Employment, Prerak Prasang, Khula Manch are some of the major programs which have motivated listeners to join with our programs. In the “Nari- Ek Shakti” Program we talk to local as well as women from abroad who have established an example in society on their own merit.

Under “Aapno Kheti” we talk to agricultural scientists about correct and cost effective ways of farming. Similarly in “Swasthya Aapka- Khayal Hamara” we talk to local doctors as well as famous doctors of India who create awareness about health issues.

“Khula Manch” is a Program with which people are very happy as this provides a platform to all classes and all age groups who want to put forth their opinion across.

All these programs have attracted people which fulfils our aim of starting JJT Radio.

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