Institute of Forensic Science

Institute of Forensic Sciences

Crime scenario is rapidly changing at global level. Forensic science is application of various sciences to help law for the purpose of justice. It is used as a vital instrument for investigation of crime and the administration of justice, providing crucial information about the evidence found at crime scenes; forensic experts work both at the crime scene and in forensic laboratories.

Institute of Forensic Sciences; Shri JJT University was set up in 2018 with an aim to create a new era of forensic education as a comprehensive teaching, training, research, and consultancy in the fields of criminology and forensic science. 

The main objective of Institute of forensic sciences is to develop professionals whose competence in problem solving, legal analysis and application, quantitative reasoning, investigation and scientific laboratory procedures can be applied to immediate employment or advanced study.  


This industry is growing day by day which eventually demands for personnel with expertise in forensic science. 

Statutory Body Approvals:

The institute of forensic sciences got approval from UGC as mentioned in Schedule II

Faculty members: 

As per U.G.C. / Government norms and experts from forensic science field

Programs offered:

Fee Structure

Program Males fees  Females fees
B.Sc. (Honors) 40,000/year 20,000/year
P.G. Diploma in forensic sciences and related law 25,000 12,500
Certificate program in forensic sciences 15000 7500

B.Sc. (Honors) forensic sciences

This program is designed to expose students to both the intricacies of problem solving and the real world application of forensic science. Theoretical studies are complemented with hands-on experience on practical aspects of various specializations in forensic sciences as well as exposure to real forensics via field visits to forensic laboratories and medico legal colleges.


10+2 (min 60%) with min. 60% in PCB/ PCM, with 55% reserved category students 

Duration of program: 

3 Years

About the Program

Forensic science is a parent course which has various sub-fields. B.Sc. in forensic science offers the study that helps in investigation of crimes. It includes forensic toxicology, forensic biology & serology, forensic anthropology & odontology, forensic ballistics, questioned documents, forensic photography & fingerprint analysis to help our legal system for the purpose of carrying out justice.

Careers Prospects

Those who obtain B.Sc.(Honors). Degree in Forensic Sciences would have excellent job opportunities in many government as well as private organizations such as:

  • State and Central Forensic Science Laboratories
  • Private forensic Science laboratories
  • CBI
  • Police
  • Customs
  • Detective and Security Agencies
  • Food toxicology testing centers, teaching
  • research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Banks, Insurance companies.

Higher Studies

Students can go in for postgraduate studies in various disciplines of forensic sciences

P.G. diploma in forensic Sciences and related law

The program has been formulated with the aim to provide an introduction and orientation to the functioning of the Indian criminal justice system and role of forensic science in this process. With the use of case studies, mock crime scenes, various lectures and practical’s, it gives students an opportunity to learn the basic skills necessary for investigation.

The program is apt for all interested professionals from the fields of police, security, army, law, legal management, media, nursing, sociology as well as any citizen or student keen to learn more about forensic science and the law.

Any graduate or equivalent with 60% grade with Science or Law or Arts with psychology or any other Graduate with 2 years experience in related areas.

Duration of program: 
One Academic year 

Program structure:

Module Title
I IBasics of forensic science and crime scene management(100hrs)
II     Forensic science and its applications in crime investigation(100hrs)
III  Forensic medicine and the laws(100hrs)
IV     Recent advances in forensic sciences and the laws(100hrs)
V     Practical and report on field visit(100hrs)

This program provides a basic understanding of forensic science and its application in the real world, while they are studying other subjects at the graduate and post-graduate level.

Certificate program in forensic Sciences

The program is apt for all interested professionals from the fields of police, army, security, law, legal management, media, nursing, sociology as well as any citizen or student keen to learn more about forensic science and the law.

HSC certificate or equivalent with a 55% grade with science or law or arts (preferably with psychology)

Duration of program:
Six Months ( 200 Hours)

Program contents:
•    An introduction to forensic sciences (15 Hrs)
•    History and development of forensic science (12 Hrs)
•    Understanding the Indian police and legal system (12 Hrs)
•    Crime scene investigation (15 Hrs)
•    Questioned document examination (12 Hrs)
•    Forensic ballistics (12 Hrs)
•    Forensic marks: Tool marks, tyre marks , foot prints, lip prints (12 Hrs)
•    Physical evidence: Types, handling and analysis (12 Hrs)
•    Forensic fingerprints (12 Hrs)
•    Forensic medicine: An aid to criminal investigation (14 Hrs)
•    Forensic anthropology and odontology (24 Hrs)
•    Forensic psychology: Polygraph, Narco-analysis and BEOS (24 Hrs)
•    Forensic biology: Blood stain analysis (12 Hrs)
•    Mock crime scene investigation (12 Hrs)
We will also provide
•    Field visit
•    Expert lectures