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University Proctorial Board

Facilities/ University Proctorial Board

University Proctorial Board

The university places the highest importance on the maintenance of discipline, cultivation of good manners and inoculation of the habits of regularity, sincerity, and punctuality. Students found indulged in indiscipline, misconduct, undesired activities inside and outside of the classroom, causing damage to the properties of the institute, using unfair means in examinations, disobedience of orders, strikes, careless attitude, etc. are liable to punishment in form of a fine, suspension and even expulsion from the university. Students should not bring any non-vegetarian food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and other intoxicants inside the campus. The university has a proctorial board, which deals with all students related matters pertaining to all acts of indiscipline.

Members of Proctorial Board

  • 1. Dr. Arun Kumar (Proctor)
  • 2. Dr. Sri Krishna Yadav
  • 3. Dr. Vijaymala
  • 4. Mr. Suresh Kumar Meena
  • 5. Mr. Saurabh Singh