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The University provides comprehensive hostel facilities for boys and girls separately within the campus. The hostels are quite spacious and comfortable with well furnished, self-contained and fully maintained rooms. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. All the rooms are well furnished with basic amenities like bed, table, chair, wardrobe & having the facility of attached washrooms. The single/double/multi-seated air-conditioned rooms are facilitated with 24 hours power back up and adequate water supply.RO treated drinking water is available at convenient locations of the hostels. The hostels are equipped with 24X7 security service, along with CCTV surveillance on all entry and exit points. High-speed internet hotspots have been installed in the hostels. The university has provided the facilities of a gymnasium, yoga hall, multipurpose canteen, BOB bank ATM, recreation & games arena and health centre for the outstation students. The university has also provided residential accommodation to faculty and staff members.

Future Hostel Plan

University has to plan to construct a boy’s hostel and a girl hostel with following specification.

Capacity to accommodate 1000 students

Centrally air-conditioned hostel with attached toilets

Environment friendly

Besides this we are starting in campus staff residence for our valuable and dedicated faculty members & office staff. The residential building has been designed to enjoy the modern living style & healthy atmosphere. The other facilities consist uninterrupted power supply, elevator, round the clock security & full time hygienic water supply.

Rules & Regulations - Hostel

All Students, Scholars and occupants of guest house staying in University are humbly requested to strictly follow the following rules and regulations of the university:

1) Please take care of the university property provided for your use in the room, damages will be charged to all the occupants;

2) Please do not damage any furniture and fixtures of the room. Damages will be charged to all the occupants;

3) Please do not carry food to your room from canteen;

4) Please do not carry any plate, glass, bowl and cutlery to the room;

5) Please do not create any nuisance in and around your room and disturbs other students/scholars/occupants;

6) Please switch off lights and fans once you leave your room;

7) Please do not leave university premises after 9 pm and if gone out, please make sure to come back before 9 pm or call Madanji on 8104883417;

8) Please talk respectfully and softly to everyone in the university and maintain cordial atmosphere;

9) Please do not damage any property of the university;

10) Drinking and Smoking is strictly prohibited in room and on university premises, if seen will be penalized heavily and more;

11) Please help to keep university premises clean and throw waste in dust bin. All are requested to please abide by the rules and regulations and cooperate in keeping our university clean, peaceful and maintain happy environment.

By order