The Aim of the Department is to produce Electronics & Communication Engineers, who combine academic excellence with practical expertise. To achieve this aim, well equipped laboratories, central and departmental libraries support students throughout their course of study.

Following are the department labs:-

Electronics Workshop (Click for Image)

This is very basic lab for each and every student of electronics branch.In this lab, various electronics equipment’s such as television, radio etc is studied thoroughly.

Semiconductor Lab (Click for Image)

In this lab, students perform some basic laws and characteristics of electronics. This lab includes devices like multimeter, transistors, FET, BJT, Diodes, Clipper, clamper circuits.

Digital Electronics Lab (Click for Image)

In this lab, students study about various combinational and sequential circuits. Practical performance of other devices like TTL, CMOS, multivibrators and GATE also done over here.

Wireless Communication Lab (Click for Image)

Measurement of different antenna characteristics, design of antenna using appropriate software. RADAR introduction and application. Analysis the performance of CDMA. Link designing with GPS satellite systems.

Analog& Digital Communication Lab (Click for Image)

Communication is phenomena of sending information. This lab includes various method of data transmission using various devises. This lab includes modulation, demodulation, Transmission lines, sampling, aliasing phenomena based kits.

This lab includes devices for digital data transmission, Devices like TDM, PAM, ASK.FSK, and PSK are observed for data transmission.

Digital Signal Processing Lab (Click for Image)

Representation of signals, different modulation techniques, filters designing using MAT-LAB software. Using DSK kit analysis of speech signal, generate waveforms, verification theoretical formula’s by practical approach.

Microwave Communication Lab (Click for Image)

Study of various microwave components and instruments that works upon GHz range, like frequency meter, attenuator, VSWR meter, Gunn Diode, Reflex klystron, circulator, isolator etc is performed over here.

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab (Click for Image)

This lab includes microprocessor-8085 and its programming. Programs are created for the required operation and further observations are done using microprocessor-8085.

VHDL and VLSI Lab (Click for Image)

In this lab student design layout of BJT, FET, OP-AMP, combinational and sequential circuits. Design of combinational circuits using simulation software. By using the optical fiber trainer kit student work on analog as well as digital link, measurement of propagation loss, numerical aperture. Detailed study of LASER diode and LED.

List of Instruments.

Electronics Workshop Lab

Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Communication Lab

Semiconductor Lab

Digital Signal Processing Lab

VLSI Design Lab


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