Post Graduate

1 151M. Tech. Computer Science Engineering2B.TECH. with 60%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET45000.0000  
2 152M. Tech. Information Technology2B.TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
3 153M. Tech. Software Engineering2B.TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
4 154M. Tech. Integrated Design & Manufacturing2B.TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
5 155M. Tech. Production Engineering2B.TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
6 251MBA HR2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
7 252MBA Finance2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
8 253MBA Marketing2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
9 254MBA Pharma2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
10 255MBA Biotech2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
11 256MBA Security2Graduation with 50%60UJET/DIRECT50000.0000  
12 351M.Sc. Food Technology 2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
13 352M. Sc. Industrial Chemistry2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
14 353M. Sc. Biomedical Instrumentation2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
15 354M. Sc. Microbiology2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
16 355M. Sc. Biotechnology2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
17 356M. Sc. Instrumentation2B.Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
18 156M. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering2B. TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
19 157M. Tech. Microelectronics & VLSI Design2B. TECH. with 60%18GATE/DIRECT45000.0000  
20 357M.Sc. Chemistry2B. Sc. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
21 551M.A. English Literature2B.A. (English Literature) with 50%18UJET/DIRECT20000.0000  
22 751M. Pharma Pharmaceutics2B. Pharma with 50%18UJET/DIRECT90000.0000  
23 752M. Pharma Pharmacology2B. Pharma with 50%18UJET/DIRECT90000.0000  
24 753M. Pharma Quality Assurance2B. Pharma with 50%18UJET/DIRECT90000.0000  
25 754M. Pharma Pharmaceutical Chemistry2B. Pharma with 50%18UJET/DIRECT90000.0000  
26 951M.A. Ancient History Culture & Archology 2B.A. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT20000.0000  
27 952M.A. Medieval Indian Histroy2B.A. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT20000.0000  
28 953M.A. Modern Indian Histroy2B.A. with 50%18UJET/DIRECT20000.0000  


29 121B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering410+2(PCM) with 50%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET45000.0000SchemePDF/SchemeofB.Tech.ComputerScienceEngg..pdf 
30 111B. Sc. IT310+2 with 50%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET21000.0000  
31 122B. Tech. Civil Engineering410+2(PCM) with 50%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET45000.0000  
32 123B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering410+2(PCM) with 50%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET45000.0000  
33 124B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering410+2(PCM) with 50%60UJET/AIEEE/ IIT-JEE/RPET45000.0000  
34 202BBA Banking & Insurance310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT21000.0000  
35 203BBA Pharma310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT21000.0000  
36 205BBA Biotech310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT21000.0000  
37 204BBA Security310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT21000.0000  
38 301B. Sc. Food Technology310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
39 302B. Sc. Biology310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
40 303B. Sc. Home Science, 310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
41 304B. Sc. Instrumentation310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
42 305B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
43 306B. Sc. Biomedical Instrumentation310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
44 307B. Sc. Microbiology310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
45 308B. Sc. Biotechnology310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
46 309B.Sc. Mathematics310+2(PCB) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
47 204BBA Biotech310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
48 521B.A. Literature310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  
49 702B. Pharma410+2(Bio/Maths) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT30000.0000  
50 901B.A. Histroy310+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT15000.0000  


51 103Diploma Electronics & Communication Engineering310th with 50%60UJET/DIRECT35000.0000  
52 104Diploma Mechanical Engineering310th with 50%60UJET/DIRECT35000.0000  
53 501Diploma English210+2 with 50%60UJET/DIRECT0.0000  
54 701D. Pharma210+2(Bio/Maths) with 50%60UJET/DIRECT25000.0000  
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